Introductory Paragraphs

This is where I will be posting links, articles and content related to my work at Cloudsoft and to Cloud Computing in general. Although I'm posting from a Cloudsoft account, the standard disclaimer about my views not necessarily equalling those of my employer should be assumed. If you want pictures of my cat Biggles or reviews of lego games then see Consonants, which is my personal Blog.

Recently Cloudsoft open-sourced its PaaS framework, Brooklyn, which I have been working on and is available at GitHub for you to fork. This is a Java and Groovy framework that allows Infrastructure-as-Code style development, deployment and management of multi-cloud applications. I also work on the open-source jclouds library, which is the code that gives Brooklyn its cloud-spanning capabilities. When I have time, I also try to keep up with the Apache Qpid project, an AMQP based JMS broker, where I am a committer.

Now, all I need to do is create some useful original content to publish here...